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Finding this community, and working together to build something special, this has been one of the best years of my life.

Ben H.

CEO / Company

Everyone is so supportive and I’m constantly impressed with the talent of everybody in this group.

Molly M.

CEO / Company

I found a group that treasures people being authentically themselves and welcomes them in.

Chris R.

CEO / Company

The lessons were engaging and fun, and I learned so much about being more natural and spontaneous in my interactions with others.

Clarence F.

CEO / Creative IT

I'm so deeply grateful to get creative and goofy and weird around you all.

Melodie P.

CEO / Company

Their free improv class was a lot of fun. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the several improv games we played.

Dillon I.

CEO / Creative IT

3406 S. Yale • Tulsa, Oklahoma

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