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about the jackalope

Across the prairie
Leaping above the tall grass
The Jackalope plays
Make yourself at home in our intimate 40 seat theater, featuring some of Tulsa’s best comedic talent.  Through improv, sketch, and storytelling, Jackalope Theater makes every show or class a unique, memorable, and definitely funny experience.

Jackalope was created to provide a theater for folk, a casual and inclusive place for people to come together and celebrate this insane life through comedy.  This world is too busy and requires way too much focus on crap, seriously.  We want the village potlucks, singing songs and telling stories by the campfire back!  Heck, we'd settle for just some pleasant social discourse these days.

People need to be able to play and have meaningful conversations.  Built on the single premise that making a connection with other people is the most powerful accomplishment you can make, we enjoy taking our collaboration seriously, if jest for a few needed laughs.  

Welcome to the Jackalope!

3406 S. Yale • Tulsa, Oklahoma

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